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  Aircrane, Inc.
Aircrane, Inc. is the largest heavy lift operator on the East Coast. They have been based at WDR since 1993. Specializing in external loads, Aircrane operates one S-58 and two S-58T helicopters. Their primary focus of work is in construction, however they assist nationwide with fire suppression. You may contact Aircrane at 770-466-2129 or visit their website at www.aircrane.com.
    Dragonfly Aviation
We started Dragonfly Aviation with one thing in mind… make flight training more affordable while maintaining a high level of safety. In recent years, prices in the aviation industry have skyrocketed! (Sorry about the pun). This is due to a number of factors; the big ones are insurance, fuel, maintenance costs, and the rise of technically advanced avionics (Glass Cockpit). Now, insurance we really can’t do anything about. As far as fuel goes, we chose the Diamond Eclipse for its fuel efficiency. Less gas burned per hour means the less we have to charge per hour for it. The Diamond Eclipse and Diamond Star are also very easy aircraft to maintain, equating to lower cost per hour. Technically advanced avionics are a whole other ball game. They are very expensive to acquire, very distracting to the primary student, and expensive to repair when things go wrong. For that reason both aircraft we chose have standard, tried and true, instruments. (Our instructors, however, are well versed in the operation of, and are able to train in, Technically Advanced Aircraft should you have your own.)  Our price for aircraft rental is what we quote. You will not be hit with a fuel surcharge fee at the end of your rental like some flight schools do, making it appear that their prices are more competitive than they really are. If fuel prices increase, then we will raise our price as needed. All this adds up to savings for the student and aircraft renter.  We offer short Introductory Flight Lessons in both our Diamond Eclipse ($59 + tax) and our Diamond Star ($99 + tax) that are a perfect way to come see our operation and confirm that we are your flight school of choice!  If you'd like more information on Flight Training or Aircraft Rental with Dragonfly Aviation, please give us a call at 678-506-1222, email us at
info@dragonflyav.com, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DragonflyAv, or visit us on the web at www.DragonflyAv.com.  We look forward to speaking with you.
  Georgia Avionics, Inc.
Georgia Avionics, Inc. is a Certified Repair Station located at the
Northeast Georgia Regional Airport. The Company was founded at Kennesaw (McCollum Field), Ga. as a locally owned and operated Georgia Cooperation, and subsequently moved to Gwinnett County Airport in 1981. We moved to our present location at WDR in December 2001. Georgia Avionics offers sales and service on most major lines of avionics equipment, autopilots, instruments, as well as complete VFR and IFR certifications. We service all aircraft from J3Cubs to medium size twin engine aircraft. Please call us at 770-867-0002 or visit our web page at www.gaavionics.com. Our operating hours are 9am to 6pm, eastern time, Monday through Friday.
  Romanair WDR, Inc.

Romanair WDR, Inc is the longest established business at the Barrow County Airport. We have been proudly serving your aircraft needs at KWDR since 1985. We offer maintenance on most piston aircraft to light and medium turbo props. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest service possible. Offering Phillips 66 fuel, our Avgas and Jet-A are of the highest quality. Daily quality control checks on our fuel and pumping systems assure you are receiving clean fuel from properly functioning equipment. Our self-service Avgas is available 24/7 and accepts all major credit cards. With accommodations for aircraft from an Aeronca Champ to a Global Express, we will be sure your stay at the Barrow County Airport is affordable and enjoyable. If you would like more information, email us at flywdr@romanair.com, call us at 770-867-4001, or visit us on the web at www.romanair.com. We look forward for the opportunity to serve you!

  Spitfire Deli
The Spitfire Deli was opened at WDR in July 2005. It is located in the main Terminal building. The Deli specializes in freshly prepared hot and cold dishes, and plenty of homemade desserts. You may wish to call the Deli at 770-867-0086 prior to arrival, as all dishes are prepared to order. Children’s meals are available upon request. For a full list of menu items, please visit www.spitfiredeli.com.

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